Custom Invoice | Rachel 04/17/21

The Endiy Shop

Date: 04-17-2021

Address: The Venetian 

Drop Off: 4pm

Pick up: 12:45 (or next morning if venue allows)

(There will be a $15 late charge per every 15 minutes after agreed pick up time)

- Ellie Wall

All order details on invoice attached. Includes taxes & CC fee. 

There are no refunds. In the case that the event is postponed or rescheduled, you will have until April 17, 2022 to have your event.  

All events occurring the same month or within 2 weeks must be paid in full.  

50% due upfront $285 

50% due on April 3rd 2021 

Delivery Fee $200 Drop off & Pick up 

$570 Total All taxes & delivery are included

Wall $350 (sale) $200 delivery + Taxes & fees 

Zelle: 973.288.5399

Once payment is received in full you will get a confirmation email. 

If you have any questions please reach out! 


If any of our rentals are moved which cause to be damaged, lost or stolen or are damaged, ripped or torn, you are fully responsible for the full price of $3,000 for any of the floral walls. 


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