Custom Invoice | 11.13 Event

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Date: November 13th, 2020

Location: Hotel Salem - The Cellar Room 

Color: Shades of pink, silver sparkle balloons and pops of white

Rentals: Caprí Wall - Will be used for the entire event & Amanda will return to NJ with the wall. Mock up attached 

Balloon display- Mock up attached 

We can pick up the wall from Amanda no later than November 22nd, 2020

Total price $1,135 Taxes Included. 

If paypal is used- our paypal is NDIBLASI, please choose the friends & family option so we don’t get charged 2 service fees please! 

Price includes travel, wall rental, displays (as shown on mock-ups) & taxes. Any additional displays or services agreed upon at the hotel can be later invoiced. 

Wall includes storage bag, 2 side poles, top across poll & 2 bases. 

Instruction on the wall break down. Video instructions will also be provided. 

First, untie the lower half of the strings on both sides. Then, slowly bring down the wall. To bring down the wall, push UP on the little metal tab on the thick black supports on the upward polls. As the wall becomes around 5’ ft tall, untie the remaining ties. 

Then, the poll that goes across the top and can be brought down (like a curtain rod)

The wall can be folded in half and rolled up in its bag, do not worry about splitting the wall into 2 pieces. It can just be folded and rolled. Please be cautious with the wall. 

There are no returns in case if cancelled events. You have an entire year to reschedule a new date or use your credit for a different event. Expiration 11.13.2021 

Our Caprí wall is still in brand new condition. We ask that the wall remain in its brand new condition. Any rips or damages to the wall will result in a replacement fee for the original price of $3,000.00. If the wall is lost or stolen, that will automatically result in the replacement fee of $3,000.00



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